Europe - West Africa Project and Heavy-Lift Parcel Service

Following the service launch on September’ 15, Breadbox has started operating a new “parcel" service dedicated to the heavy lift, project, as well as the IMO 5.1 trades from Europe to West Africa, complemented with regular breakbulk and bulk cargoes.

The sailings are performed with the state of the art, modern Heavy-Lift/Multi Purpose Vessels with lifting capacity up to 500 mts. Breadbox is also able to handle heavier lifts upon enquiry, as well as various IMO cargoes, with fully IMO fitted tonnage.

While the service is not characterized as a traditional “liner” service, Breadbox is frequently deploying vessels offering 1-2 sailings each month, covering a wide range of load ports from Baltic to Iberian Peninsula, with frequent calls at St. Petersburg, Antwerp/Rotterdam/Hamburg, Northern Spanish ports and Portuguese ports. The service is also serving a wide range of discharge ports, starting from Morocco and stretching all the way to South Africa, with frequent calls at Nouakchott, Dakar, Tema/Takoradi, Lagos and Luanda.

Our sea carriage service is complemented with the additional value added logistics services provided by our trusted partners at West African destinations, who are key for facilitating Breadbox’ role as a West Africa specialist.

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