Inter Africa Services

Breadbox has permanently 5 to 7 geared coastal vessels in the range of 2.750 DWT up to 7.250 mts DWT on the West African coast serving the local coastal trades.

The vessels are trading mainly in the MAURITANIA-CAMEROON range and are active in local cement, salt and timber trades as well as shipping project cargoes within the region.
Like the TIMBER service our INTER-AFRICA service is managed by our office in DAKAR and for more information please contact the team at

Vessel name Type Built DWT Gear Download (pdf)
BBX Marlin SID 1986 4.661 mts 2 x 25 mts Details
BBX Falcon SID/TWN 1991 3.200 mts 2 x 50 mts Details
Meryem Kocabas SID 1984 3.908 mts 2 x 25 mts Details
'Breadbox One' Barge 2012 1.970 mts Gearless Details