African Agency Network

As a vital part of our activities Breadbox is proud on it's extensive agency network in a wide range of ports along the Africa coast. Our agents are dedicated to the handling of our vessels and cargoes and have many years of experience in the shipping industry and a vast local knowledge.

Click on a link below to find details about our African Agency Network. For any countries not listed please contact our office for agency details.

Mauritania | Senegal | Gambia | Ivory Coast | Ghana | Nigeria | South Africa


Istamco Sa Banjul
No.1 Cotton Street 
Banjul, The Gambia 
Phone: + 220 422 25 67 
Mobile: + 220 734 09 99 

Contact person Ops:
Amadou Lowe 
Phone: + 220 734 09 99 

Contact person Shipping:
Birgitta Hardmark 
Phone: + 220 704 92 46

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