Working At Breadbox

Breadbox sets itself apart with a different vibe and DNA than the usual shipping companies and operators in the maritime industry. It's a company that believes in the power of a small, tight-knit team, where everyone feels at home, involved and supporting each other. The atmosphere at Breadbox is informal, yet professional. They believe in keeping things simple, with short decision-making lines that allow them to be agile and responsive. Their entrepreneurial spirit fosters a sense of freedom, encouraging employees to bring fresh ideas to the table and take initiatives.

Breadbox's heart lies in Africa, where they have carved out a special place in the market. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the region, which sets them apart from others.

The versatile fleet of Breadbox comprises 10-15 ships, adjusted to prevailing market circumstances and offers an impressive diversity rarely seen in the maritime industry. Ranging from small gearless 3k DWT coasters to larger 8k MPP vessels, handysize as well as Reefer vessels are all used in Breadbox trade lanes.

While Breadbox handles full cargo’s with expertise, their true specialization lies in the parcelling concept to West Africa. Grouping parcels from multiple customers to create tailormade sailings specially designed for West Africa has become a distinct speciality of Breadbox setting them apart in the industry.

The close relationships they build with a select group of clients go beyond business - it's more like forming lasting partnerships. Taking care of their clients and making sure they have a positive experience is what matters most at Breadbox.

But beyond the business aspect, Breadbox cares about its people. Personal growth and development are not just buzzwords for them. They invest in their team, providing support and encouragement for every individual to reach their full potential.

At Breadbox, it's not about being a big player in the industry; it's about being the right player. They take pride in their close-knit team, their exceptional client relationships, and their deep understanding of the African market. With Breadbox, it's not just work; it's about being part of something meaningful and making a difference.

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